July 24th – Monster Mushy

Monster Mushy

When you walk around with a camera, it pays to keep your eyes open for anything new. In this case I knew something was different when a toadstool beside the footpath all but blocked out the sun.

It is simply massive, measuring a full hand-span (and a bit more) across the top.

Far from being an expert, but it’s remarkably similar to the mushies I spotted in the reserve near my house, which would make it a Gymnopilus junonius. Not poisonous but not tasty either by all accounts, they are generally found near the roots of hardwood trees.

One thing to come out of my recent mushroom discoveries is an account on Flickr going by the name of Angus Aardvark, who spends all of his camera time hunting colourful, exotic fungal outbreaks.

Edit: Angus Aardvark has already seen my Flickr upload and believes it to be a Boletus edulis.


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