July 23rd – First runner-up

Daybreak at the dam (edit)

After another slow day with the camera (i.e. running around madly), so I’ve resorted to another from the archives.

This was the other photo I was considering for the Bentley Art Prize. In fact this location has appeared in the blog previously (April 19), but there was considerably more fog on this day (April 24th).

I made edits tonight to further tweak the image, but I’m still not convinced it’s finished yet. I think it’s one photo where I would have really benefited from shooting RAW, as jpeg compression may have thrown out some of the bright gradients (it looks better in Flickr when viewed larger).

Some of the tools used today were Aperture’s brushes, something I wouldn’t have done in April. Very useful in selectively editing small areas.

I will revisit this photo once again when I turn my attention to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Thinking back it was a special morning. I shot the competition entry Leaning Fig, and en route to the dam I found this tiny spider web masked against the pre-dawn light.


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