July 21st – Jumping spider

Mini spider

Another instalment of Macro Monday jumped out and grabbed me as I was hanging out clothes on the line. Almost literally.

The spider itself was tiny, only the width of one of the washing lines. He looked inquisitive despite being consistently crowded into a corner.

As it spidey-bungied off the line, I moved it to the BBQ cover and kept shooting – queue the ongoing macro learning. Again I’ve set the aperture too low which reduces the depth of focus (note the blurry body), though the BBQ cover came up a treat.

As for species, I believe it’s a jumping spider. If anyone knows better I’d love to hear from them. If they consider themselves a botanist, that would be even better!

The game ended when I tried to herd him to another angle and it leapt onto (over?) my wrist/arm, which I shook violently as I ran away screaming like a schoolgirl.


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