July 17th – Refreshing


Last week was a slow-shutter week (and not in a long exposure, night photo kind of way). One thing about going into the archives at this point is that I have quite a few photos ‘s choose from.

If there’s such thing as the perfect bubbler position, I think this picture personifies it – water first, crouched low, lips pursed and eyes shut.

Needless to say there’s a bit of trial and error with bubblers, it’s always amusing watching a child tackle these things for the first time. Sorry, no photo’s of that one.

While bubblers have been in the press recently for the wrong reason, there’s still no going past the most common form of schoolyard refreshment. Bubblers are iconic, they are either located in a breezeway where only the brave use them in the winter months, or in full sun where only the thirstiest are willing to touch the hot steel.

The droplet on the chin is customary, to be wiped clean with the forearm when upright.


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