July 11th – I see the light


This is a great view of the CBD from a location near where I catch the bus to work. It’s a particular point where the trees part, leaving the guts of the city exposed for this pure vista. On a clear day like this it’s worthwhile stopping and looking for a moment or two.

One thing I’m grateful for in Sydney is to have so much foliage. I’ve always grown up in and around native bushland, while being no further than 30 minutes from the centre of Sydney. It’s something we shouldn’t take for granted.

At night this view is spectacular, save for one small problem. That streetlight about 25m in front of the camera makes taking a nighttime photo impossible.

As far as views go, it really is breathtaking – with views from the Anzac Bridge, to the northern end of the city.

But until I work out how to make something so prominent disappear from a photo, you’ll just have to take my word for it!


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