July 10th – Youngsters II

Youngsters (2 of 2)

Here is the second sculpture of Barrack Street’s “Youngsters”, by Caroline Rothwell.

Standing on the corner of Barrack and George Sts beside the Burberry store, this youngster keeps an eye on the passers-by as they hustle and bustle their way past. On closer inspection, the braided hair reveals that this is in fact a young girl.

Barrack Street was the site of the original military barracks in the newly colonised town a little over 200 years ago. The facility stretched back to Wynyard Park, where the remaining small strip of grass above Wynyard train station was the assembly quadrangle.

As Sydney began to grow commercially, the barracks were relocated in 1848 to Victoria Barracks in Paddington.

It’s interesting to watch the reaction of people pacing past. There are several accounts on the internet from people who stopped in their tracks when they catch a glimpse of this figure, either out of concern for the unaccompanied youngster, and even mild intimidation due to the loose clothes and hoodie.


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