July 8th – Geese


This photo was taken at Centennial Parklands this morning, on the way to some school holiday entertainment.

The Fizzics Magical Science Show is an introductory hour to science as we know it, breathe it, and generally live it. Aimed at infant-aged school children, but my 4 year old was enthralled, especially when they made the bi-carb soda and vinegar rocket.

No doubt Mum’s and Dad’s walk away learning a thing or two as well.

It might also prompt you to do a YouTube search for Julius Sumner Miller. Note: You might want to think twice before exposing really young kids to this low-def, ex-VHS material of a funny looking man screaming at the camera about burning stuff.

As for the photo, just one tip for the newbies; remember to check settings before you start. The camera was still set from the previous evening macro activities. These pics of nearly tame geese are probably a touch over-exposed.

By the time I switched to my favourite AV mode, a child had chased the geese back to the pond from whence they came.


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