July 7th – Macro Monday: Busy Bee

All you can eat

It was a really nice day to get out in the sun and a run to the park, and I also spotted a lavender bush.

Two great things came from this: lavender grows happily in winter, and there’s usually a bee or five hanging around.

When I reviewed the photo’s, I discovered that from 30 or 40 photo’s was that I need to refine my macro-taking skills. This macro lens has a very attractive wide f2.8 aperture, but that doesn’t really do much when up close.

What you see is variable focus with the slightest amount of depth in the photo. Either I had the sleek-looking bee in focus, with a distracting miss on the flower bud, or vice-versa.

My first ant-lion shots also reflected this, with slight blurriness on the insects back as it was marginally closer to the camera lens, but enough to distort the image.

With the afternoon drawing to a close, and 2 impatient scooter riders waiting, I didn’t have much time to experiment.

When we returned home I had another go at the ant-lion. Last weeks photo’s were shot in “P” mode with a flash, which means the aperture was selected for me (and it compensates for the flash). This time I put the camera into manual, chose my aperture (f/14) and shutter speed (1/100th of a second) and tried again. The outcome was significantly better.

Now to go back to the lavender bush.


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