July 2nd – Sap


Loitering at the bus stop yesterday I noticed a eucalyptus tree oozing thick seam of golden sap. It was quite long, and was unlike anything I had seen before – it was extremely thick, like a great big dob of Golden Treacle about to land in a bowl of Cornflakes.

In truth I really battled to get a photo here. I had the macro lens loaded, but I wanted to get in really nice a close, but staying still long enough with this much zoom, it only takes a slight twitch to render the photo useless. I had to go Thursday morning and try again.

It looked like something out of Hansel and Gretel, a sweet that you could snap off and suck on while waiting for Sydney’s buses to come.

I’m not sure what caused the wound, it was emanating from beneath the thick bark with no obvious sign of damage. Unless of course this was the work of a tree vandal in nearby Huntley’s Point was hoping to achieve uninterrupted views of Victoria Road.


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