June 29th – #ReverseTheCurse

Reverse the Curse

This is my circa 1987 replica footy guernsey for the Carlton Football Club.

Purchased in an era when the Blues won 4 premierships (from 5 Grand Final appearances), the guernsey is synonymous with success. However something has gone awfully wrong, and I can’t pinpoint when it happened.

Could have been 1995? Surrounded by friends and confidence at the SCG, the loss-less Blues were to take on the bottom-placed Swans. To the amusement of my colleagues it was all over by half-time as the Swans booted 9-straight. The Swans disappeared into the distance to win by 12 goals.

Remembering the friendly ridicule isn’t what scars me, it’s the Swans post-goal anthem played after every Swans goal. And there were several.

The similarities to Johnny Warren’s fabled curse on Australian Soccer is frightening.

The recent loss to new team Greater Western Sydney was the tipping point. Instead of retiring the jumper, I have to ride this out. Or find a witch doctor in Zimbabwe.

I can’t recall wearing this jumper in recent times and witnessing a Blues win. It’s time to #ReverseTheCurse.


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