June 26th – Police Cruiser

Police Cruiser

Motorbike enthusiasts wouldn’t mind a ride on these 2-wheelers, custom spec’ed BMW K1100. They boast an 1100cc, four-cylinder engine with performance upgrades, panniers and ABS.

But the bike’s parking location was no accident. In a very visible display, two NSW police parked their motorbikes at the crossing of Sydney’s busy George and King St crossing, intentionally positioned to funnel pedestrians across the road crossings.

It is part of a current blitz against jaywalking in the CBD.

Police have been stationed at various CBD pedestrian crossings, demerit book and biro in hand. In this pic you can just see them diagonally across the road against the green boarding.

The crackdown appears to be an active response to a tragic incident when a lady died after going under a bus in late January of this year.

The intention is to increase pedestrian safety and awareness, as well as improve vehicle traffic through the heart of Sydney. It would be a terrific programme if either of these outcomes are reached.


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