June 24th – It’s starting to feel a lot like winter

Winter is upon us

The winter has finally begun, with a bitter cold wind. What better than to come home to a hearty beef stew.  What better way to warm the belly, not to mention make some headway through the bucket of mushrooms left over from our mandarin excursion.

Beef Burgundy (bourguignon) is a traditional favourite. Featuring little more than beef, mushroom and onion (with carrot thrown in for balance), and most importantly a cup of red wine (and one for the cook). The final ingredient is time.

The origins of beef bourguignon comes unsurprisingly from the wine making Burgundy region in France. Considered to have been created by peasants using the lesser quality meat cuts, it’s fermented grape content comes as no surprise.

But without it, we’d all be eating the Russian inspired stroganoff.


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