June 22nd – Poison Chalice


I’m not a selfie fan, however this pic was taken moments prior to a defining moment in my sporting diet. The guernsey I’m wearing is circa 1987, likely purchased following Carlton’s 3rd Premiership win in the 1980’s.

This game all but confirms this timeless icon of sporting memorabilia is the poison chalice.

A bit of a back-story. My grandparents were raised in neighbouring Melbourne suburbs – Pop from the mean streets of Collingwood and Fitzroy, while Nan came from nearby sun-dappled, leafy Carlton.

Just about our entire extended family are Carlton faithful. There was no second best, save for the occasional bandwagon ride on the September Sydney Swans bus.

When the AFL planned a bold expansion into Sydney’s western suburbs, no one gave it much credit, however I partnered with a cousin and we purchased memberships – if nothing else it was a good way to watch footy up close harbouring no particular allegiances (in close proximity to beer).

Fast forward 3 years. Flanked by my GWS Giants guernsey wearing son and cousin, we watched as the once proud navy blues had their colour (further) lowered by a team of talented youngsters.

While those around have fallen, I will remain faithful. But the poison chalice will remain buried in the cupboard on game day forevermore.


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