June 19th – DMAC •


This picture is proof that you don’t need a red nose to be a clown.

Meet Chris, one of the team from the lobby cafe at 363 George St in Sydney. A proud Queenslander, he was only too sporting to cop the sufferance of NSW’s first State of Origin series win in 8 years.

An 8 year reign is a long time. To put it in perspective, I’ve been a regular at this cafe since late 2007, and NSW haven’t lifted the trophy in that time. That might explain the smug demeanour.

To be fair to Chris, this is the guy that put me on the path to double Macchiato heaven.

Burnt by too many over-milked ‘strong’ flat whites (from a previous job and cafe), Chris simplified my “double-shot flat white, three-quarters full” to a double-macchiato.

Today it’s a standing order. The title of this blog entry is the inscription on my coffee lid.

What also impresses me is how a cafe like this can remember so many names, faces and orders. It’s terrific relationship management.

The order still stands, only that it’s usually ready by the time I get to the front of the queue.


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