June 17th – Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man

Coffee time, and a moment of weakness.

Funny to think that when it’s time for a kids snack, ginger isn’t the flavour we’re normally reaching for. But kids have been eating, and loving them, for generations.

The origins of the figure-shaped Gingerbread snacks date back to the 15th Century, and records suggest that in the 16th Century Queen Elizabeth I used Gingerbread to style elaborate figurines of guests at a dinner function. Cute, but creepy.

The other familiar Gingerbread Man in our early lives was of course the Fairy Tale. There are several versions that differ very slightly, but ** SPOILER ALERT **, all variations finish with the cunning fox devouring the Gingerbread Boy mid river-crossing.

Finally, a pro tip. If you start at the head, you can’t hear the little boy screaming “I’m one half gone!”.


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