June 9th – Mushrooms


To some these are a culinary delight, others consider them a potential health risk.

So it begs the question – how can you tell which mushrooms are fine to eat, and which are a fast trip to ED (or beyond). There are too many stories of simple misidentification, so I’m going to pass on these for now.

However the question remains – to eat, or not to eat.

I set about finding out, so to Google I went. While I suspect these may be harmless Saffron Milk Caps (Lacterious Deliciosus) or even Slippery Jack’s (Suilless Luteus), there were far more interesting facts to learn about the less pleasant varieties and their effects.

Mushrooms such as the Stinkhorn (and it’s interesting Latin name) – smells like a dead animal or dirty drain, which attracts flies to come and slurp up the spores, and deposit them elsewhere, thus helping the organism spread.

Having said all the above, the good mushies seem to outweigh the bad varieties, but for now I’ll leave this group in the ground.


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