June 8th – Feeling Happy?

Slogans make U Happy

Is this a bold statement or subliminal advertising?

Either way, it’s not really a winning slogan on a cool day with a fair sou-easterly blowing. It was the last thing we were thinking of as we moved around the challenging West Ryde Putt Putt establishment.

According to this food science study, Unilever (Streets’ parent company) gave a small group of 8 people a small amount of ice cream and studied the biological effects of consuming the creamy, sugary dessert. An ‘fMRI’ (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) test was completed before and after the consumption of 30g of vanilla ice cream.

The result was that it was scientifically proven that, you guessed it, ice cream made these 8 people happy. In fact the effect on the Orb
itofrontal Cortex, the “pleasure register” part of the brain, was almost immediate.

It’s great to see science in use, but surely the smiles on kids faces at the mere mention of ice cream is enough to validate this bold advertising slogan.

Personally I would have preferred if they could have put that research into making less messy ice cream.


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