June 6th – Martin Place Fountain

Martin Place Fountain

The Martin Place fountain is on the eastern side of the Pitt St intersection of Martin Place, backing onto the public amphitheatre. It’s mesmerising, over-chlorinated water spills all day and is often the backdrop to buskers and pamphlet distributors.

Martin Place, and indeed the fountain, were used in the movie The Matrix and Matrix Revolutions, specifically the latter where it was the scene of the final fight scene between Neo and Agent Smith. The fountain has been rebuilt since.

The pedestrianisation of Martin Place began in 1971, when sections of the road were closed off to traffic, allowing the space to become centre for civic activities. The initial plans for the fountain included a restaurant, however in 1974 cost-cutting saw plans for both the restaurant and the fountain shelved.

However Dr Lloyd Rees, a prominent local artist, gather funds from private sources and secured the location for the fountain. It was first switched on in December 1976 by Dr Rees himself.


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