May 31st – Sunrise in Paradise – finally!

Sunrise on Mana - repost

[Note – due to technical difficulties – or a hyperactive Flickr at the moment, the pics in this post are a bit of a lottery!]

Our final full day on the island, and I finally managed to get up before, well at, sunrise.

And when I say get up, I mean I accidentally woke up around sunrise, and it was a ripper. I couldn’t simply roll over and continue the sleep, so decided to go for a walk.

It was the start of a cracker of a day too. This photo taken just an hour or two from the onslaught of countless kids and hungover parents. The pools were calm, the skies were clear, and the tides were great for activities everywhere.

The sunrise was spectacular, the wildlife was everywhere, I took the macro walking, and even a visit to Sunset Beach, for a dud sunset, still managed to produce something worth keeping (during our seven days on the island, the resort played host to seven weddings!).

This Flickr Album will continue to grow as I tidy up some photo’s of our time on Mana Island.

I’m cutting this short because Flickr is playing funny buggers with my uploads, so hopefully by the time you read it the links will still be there!



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