May 29th – Dive Bomb

Dive bomb

We were towelling off after a swim when I noticed a sea bird (species unknown to me!) circling in the sky and plunging into the shallow waters outside the dive shop.

Of course I couldn’t resist getting as close as nature would allow.

I’d noticed the frenetic sea life activity once before at low tide, with large schools of bait fish launching out of the water and making a huge noise.

On this day, the bird was circling high above the school of fish, corralling them into a tight cluster before diving into the water – it couldn’t have been more than 2 feet depot – for dinner.

You can see the turbulent water in this photo, which was the countless thousands of panicking bait fish.

The bird would alternate between this school and another one a little deeper. Before long he was joined by 2, then 3 of his mates.

If you asked me before leaving if I’d enter the water with my previous camera, I would have laughed at you. I must have been in the water for 90 minutes watching all sorts of shows.

But I had to get as close as possible, and I wasn’t let down. I saw crabs, eels, starfish and all sorts of tropical fish species dancing around in the shin-high warm waters, while families on inflatable banana boats were towed to their wet demise in the background.

Big thumbs up to those who pointed me towards a circular polarising filter for my lens.

This picture really belongs in a set, including the Splash Down as the bird hit the water (at pace!), and then the escape flying low, only to repeat the process a couple of minutes later.

I’ll add some more when I get home!


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