May 22nd – Macro mad


I figure everyone who buys a macro lens goes into the wild to find a Dandelion. I didn’t have to look too far after parking the car on the way to the bus.

I think I’m going to enjoy macro photography. I’ve always had an inherent need to know how things work and there’s no better to see what’s going on in the mini-beast world (other than a microscope).

In a couple of days we’re headed away on a holiday to exotic places, so the updates might not be as regular as we might like, I’m sure there is going to be plenty of photo’s to take. Hence loading up with additional memory cards and backup methods for the trip.

Back to the walk to the bus – on the way we walk past a small kerb-side garden that someone has gone to meticulous lengths to grow. Here are some photo’s from that garden. And if you know the name of any of these flowers, speak up!

Pink Flower with dew

Small Fly (ok, they’re all small, but this guy really was small!).

Little Drop of Sunshine – Probably my favourite. I saw the droplet, but the way the lens has caught the light is quite special.


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