May 21st – Busker Boy

Busker Boy

Time for work and another walk past Queen Victoria outside her building. Today she was being entertained by some men on a mission, and this promising, young artist.

Everything about that statement is true. He was a very promising talent, and he was very young.

Unlike a ‘band’ I saw last week in Pitt St Mall, Winterbourne, this youngster had no placard with a FaceBook page or YouTube video, just his sister (or other similarly young girl) sitting behind the controls in the background.

I suspect she’d rather be on the other side of Haigh’s Chocolates windows.

I’m in no way a good judge of talent, nor do I watch any of these reality talent TV shows (other than Eurovision of course!), but this kid really has some serious ability. He effortlessly hit (and held) high notes as he strummed, and was certainly good enough (in a busking sense) to nod, wink or speak thanks to anyone parting with their spare change.

Besides, I thought I’d give you a break from more flowers, though I did stop to shoot this red hibiscus, and this one set against an awesome blue sky on the way to the bus.


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