May 20th – Up close

Forest of food

Throwing back to last Sunday, I had pretty much made up my mind to purchase the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens.

Without a clear indication of what I like to shoot, much to the angst of camera shop staff, I finally settled that my first lens purchase would be in an area of something I would like to explore. There are so many macro opportunities around the house (as we’ve seen), however this lens also doubles as a mid-range telephoto with a very wide aperture (f2.8).

A couple of sleeps later, and still not really knowing what I was getting into, I made the purchase – plus filters, a new bag, and an additional memory card.

All reasonable advice suggested that this lens is overkill for this body, but a quick search of Flickr for this body paired with this lens brings some stunning results. One thing to remember about camera lenses is they are an investment into your hobby, and will stay with you for as long as you require (or change body manufacturer).

The lens is also held in high regard in non-macro use as well. I couldn’t help but take a snap of these two mates hanging out together.

So be prepared for a few more spider shots from around the garden, not to mention anything else I can get to sit still for long enough!


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