May 15th – Skyliner


Call it as you see it. The kids have created the term “Skyliner” for the jet streams high above us as planes bypass the city.

As we get perilously close to June, and Winter, it seems that no one has told the weather. But as this plane suggests, at least it’s cool somewhere, albeit 30000 feet straight up.

It was a lean day today with the camera, being dropped into the doctor for a general clean-out. It was sparked by spotting a small bug that crawled into my camera and died on the sensor. Though easily viewable at 10 o’clock on my view-finder, it was not appearing in my photo’s. The lens also get a de-dusting in preparation for our holiday in less than 2 weeks.

This photo also highlights something else – my willingness to stand in increasingly silly places to take a photo.


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