May 14th – For the love of the planet

Amnesty Troopers

I had a few short minutes before work this morning when I saw these two Amnesty International workers chatting to the public. I was particularly fond of how they aligned with strangers who would stop to chat, often shaking hands during their introduction.

In my own Humans of New York moment, I decided to stop and have a chat. I’m keen to do more portrait photography, I haven’t really done much to-date.

In a few quick moments I learned more about the nature of the job, rather than listen to Amnesty’s plight around the globe. I suspected they were happy that someone would stop to chat to them, rather than vice-versa.

One of the women confided in me that popular CBD street corners were harder work than they planned, often intimidating. You see it seems people in suits are far too busy and important (my words, not theirs) to stop and have a chat.

So next time you see someone ‘trying to sell you something’, stop and ask how they are doing. I’m sure they’re up for a chat.

As for HONY, I’ve got a lot of work to do.


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