May 13th – Stop to smell the flowers

Red Flowers

While this balmy Autumn continues to poke its head inside the early-to-mid 20’s, I decided we’d scooter to school to collect my daughter.

It’s not far, and aside from one particularly steep hill, it’s quite fun on a Razor scooter. I’m not sure what the weight-rating is on a scooter these days, but it’s safe to say it’s not meant to hold in excess of 90 kg’s. I figure as long as I don’t check, both the scooter and I can remain blissfully unaware.

In truth it’s good preparation for Walk Safely to School Day, which is coming up on May 23rd. There are a number of goals as part of Walk Safely to School Day, including ensuring kids under 10 hold hands crossing roads, promote the health benefits of walking, promote public transport, and ultimately reduce pollution and traffic congestion by taking unnecessary traffic off the roads.

Knowing our luck Winter will make an early appearance!

For those Daisy fans, I also stopped to shoot this yellow specimen.


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