May 7th – Big boys toys

Old Dodge

I was having a chat to a man about a dog when he showed me this project. I’m no car fanatic so I couldn’t tell you the explicit details, but it’s big, and it’s a Dodge.

The restoration to date has been a sordid affair up until this point, but I could tell from the current owner that he’s happy to have it back in his hands …. for now.

Despite its current state, that is the chassis in pieces, the cabin full of what can only be best described as ‘stuff’, the future of this vehicle looks bright. A new project manager is being sought, and should the plan come together it will be sporting the livery of a business that’s starting to make their name in a competitive market.

Apologies for the ‘Secret Squirrel’ in this blog post, not for any reason other than it’s all pretty vague right now. However I look forward to a finished product – and I definitely hope to be there, camera in hand, for the unveiling.


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