May 5th – Calling it a day

Time to call it a day.

This retailer has decided to call it quits.

He was Gladesville’s mens outfitter, stocking anything from suits, jeans to surf wear. The store has been there for over 70 years, the incumbent owner (now retiring) has run the store for nearly 20 years.

However the entire streetscape of Victoria Road, Gladesville is under threat. There are no less than 12 residential towers in various stages of planning or building, including the highly controversial plans for Gladesville Shopping Village, which threatens 3 towers of its own, each reaching 35+ metres into the sky.

This development is being watched closely, with the traffic concerns in the area already at fever-pitch, but concerns regarding local schools and public transport are also high on the agenda.

However it’s the removal of a heritage listing of a building in the footprint of the proposed redevelopment that is raising more than a few eyebrows.

At last count there are four existing DA’s on some of the Victoria Road-facing stores, with one local favourite Vespa Cafe closing it’s doors recently. All eyes on the heritage listed Commonwealth Bank building.

All of this development is part of the “NSW 2021” scheme to reinvigorate the state. Perhaps they should consider removing the former NSW Premier’s photo from the flyer.


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