April 30th – Pink Azalea

Pink Azalea

Another day spent in my garden, this time capturing a pink azalea in full bloom. I like this photo not only because it’s a fine specimen, but because by this time tomorrow it’s likely this flower will have self-combusted all over my courtyard.

You see, as pretty as these flower are, anything more than a wisp of wind or a heavy dew, and these things fall into a million pieces.

Thank heavens for leaf blowers.

We have 4 of 5 of these bushes lining our property boundary, and for much of the year they healthily hold their form, doing little other than hosting the first hours of the lives of dozens of cicadas.

Yet for about 2 weeks a year these bushes perform a fortnight-long reenactment of a fireworks display – bursting into full colour, only to shower the ground with the remnants.

Cue the middle-aged man wearing a digital music player, wielding an electric-powered leaf blower…


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