April 28th – The first real day of Autumn

First real day of Autumn

It’s the end of April, and we’re still really waiting for that week-long cold snap that tells us that summer is truly over.

Today was the first day all year I’ve been compelled to wear a jumper all day. I also wore shorts and thongs (“flip-flops”? for my northern hemisphere readers), so it’s not like I really suffered.

All week in north of the state it’s been in the high-twenties pretty much every day. But the expectancy of turning to call the winter is destined to be put on hold again with a few more warm days to come. I think if my Dad blogged it would resemble something like this paragraph.

This tree is in Mum and Dad’s street and at least it is heading in the right direction, littering the ground with big leaves. This is the kind of tree golfers hate – hit one under these trees at this time of year and you’d better play a provisional.

Though someone should tell this young Noisy Myna family. These chicks sit there awaiting a late afternoon feed, which we were lucky enough to witness (though too slow with the camera).


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