April 26th – No Hard Feelings

No Hard Feelings

We went for an adventure today to watch our adopted GWS Giants take on fellow AFL expansion team the Gold Coast Suns.

For footy lovers (and I suspect the AFL administration) it was a good litmus test – where are these clubs at today? They were allowed priority access to feed off the draft processes for several years, plundering some of the greatest young AFL talent. The Suns are a polished performer and should rattle the cage of some of the proud teams with 100+ years of history.

I enjoyed visiting Metricon Stadium. It’s a purpose-built AFL stadium on the ashes of the old Carrara Stadium, once home of the now defunct Brisbane Bears, and resting ground of the remnants of Warwick Capper’s career.

We both got something out of today – Zac got to watch movies on the 2 hour drive, travel on buses, trains, see some footy and most importantly, have a kick. I got to tick another AFL venue off the list.

As the Giants tried their best on a very warm mid-Autumn day, we had a kick on the smaller training ground behind Metricon having a kick. It was there we were approached by the Suns mascot – Sunny Ray. Not to be deterred, my little bloke confronted the oversized, padded man and gave him one of his best high-fives.

For the record, the Suns cruised home for a win by a little more than 6 goals. But you get the feeling we just saw at least 20 of the AFL’s future stars in action.


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