April 24th – Leaning Fig

Foggy ambience

Another early start.

With rain forecast to start within the next day or so, I was eager to have another pre-dawn run around the farm before the holiday ends. The truth is I’m posting this pic so late because I couldn’t decide which photo of dozens of candidates to work with. It was a great fog and I covered quite a bit of real estate, taking photos all the way.

I threw on some warm clothes, and within 100 metres my shoes were full of water and my jumper covered in grass seed, but with camera in hand that doesn’t seem to register. Don’t get me wrong. It was hard work walking through slippery waist-high grass, with a small calf strain sustained during a recent rugged AusKick session.

This tree is in a corner of the farm nearest the road, not that you can see it under a blanket of fog. It has also featured in some artwork by my sister-in-law.

I decided to muck around with black and white for this pic which gives it that ambience. I’m steadily building a few presets in Aperture that I can quickly apply to my photos, which speeds the processing up significantly.


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