April 21st – The Easter Stash

Easter Closure

It’s the long weekend that keeps on giving. After so much build-up, the formalities began on Friday when most stores, all bottleshops, and at least one football code cease trading. Saturday is spent preparing for Sunday, and on Sunday the culinary flood gates are breached.

And then there’s the waves of chocolate.

Parents give each other and their kids eggs. At lunch and dinner there’s every chance you’re meeting up with the extended family, and receiving more chocolate goodies. And then there’s the guilt chocolate – the longer the time between family gatherings, the more (and larger) the treats you receive.

Not to forget Easter irony – the younger the family member, the more chocolate eggs they receive. Thankfully kids only really think of 2 things – the chocolate they are currently eating, and the one they are going to eat next.

It’s a great opportunity to stash (or eat) some of the excess.

But there are hoarders among us, and any case or container will do. I can’t say how long the above stash will last, but we’ll probably go through a couple of toothbrushes in the next couple of weeks.


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