April 20th – Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Lunch

With breakfast out of the way, we piled into 2 cars for a cross-town drive to continue the assault on our stomachs. Here the battlefield is set for action.

Over the past 16 or so years I’ve learned one thing – your eyes can deceive you. So when the 2 turkeys, roast beef, pasta dishes, baked vegetables and salads are rolled out, it’s wise to pick lightly – and return frequently, but only if required.

It’s an acquired skill and has taken me about 14 years to master. But I can’t understate it’s value, especially when you consider that the table decorations today are edible as well.

Post-lunch activities are left to the individual. An Easter Egg hunt? A game of footy or cricket? Or perhaps simply crawling to a couch and passing out is your favoured option.

Happy Easter everyone!


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