April 15th – Which Easter Show are you?



These guys look like they’re taking a well earned nap.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is one of those events – we love our show, but it takes a lot of mental, emotional and physical strength to endure.

For parents the reasons we fear the Easter Show is the same reason we loved it as a child – the overpriced showbags, the volume of rubbishy food and the crowds gorging in all of the above.

So which Easter Show are you?

We love taking the kids to see the animals, take in some of the fresh food exhibitors, and make a calculated assault on the showbag pavilion. But we can’t escape without a few rides, the carnies get us on the laughing clowns, and perhaps a string of curly fries.

This year we got to see a few new things, including some show ring events, woodchopping and some of the horses going through their paces in the dressage ring.

I can’t end without a pro tip for parents of 2-5 year old boys – the Jake and the Neverland Pirates bag is as good as it gets.


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