April 13th – The In-Thing

It's a fad

If your house is home to a child aged between 5 and 15, the chances are the above image isn’t foreign to you. The current craze – rubber band jewellery, has taken off.

The skill combines brightly coloured rubber bands with weaving to create anything from a simple bracelet, to brightly coloured wristbands complete with floral fixtures.

Stores have been unable to keep sufficient stocks of ‘hardware’, a plastic loom device that allows the kids to manipulate the bands in a number of ways. There are all types of looms available, including using 2-fingers – or the “Fish Tale” loom as known in the trade. But the word on the street is that the Rainbow Loom is the pick of the crop.

As with all popular fads, the bands have encroached school grounds around the country, prompting some schools to ban the finished article from schools, amid reports of theft and exploiting sales of the products.

Effectively there is no end to the possibilities for kids armed with looms, a variety of  brightly coloured bands, and access to YouTube.


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