April 6th – Blue Ring

Blue Disc

One thing I’d love to experience is sports photography. The opportunity to get inside the ropes and snap the action as it happens would be a dream come true.

I recall taking photo’s in the 1992 Australian MotoGP (then 500cc), as a pit crew guest of the newly crowned 125cc Champion Ralf Waldmann. I sat on the pit-side of turn 3 and took some photo’s of Rainey and Doohan riding over the crest, panning the AE-1 as they roared past. I’m sure the photos are sitting somewhere at Mum’s.

Armed with intent, I take my designated seat at Homebush’s Spotless Stadium for the GWS Giants 2nd home game for the season. We’re 4 rows from the fence, giving me a great opportunity to get up close and personal, even with just a 135mm.

And for the 2nd time this season, it poured with rain.

With my ‘stock’ camera equipment, I really need 2 things in my favour to get a quality action shot – light and weather. I’m batting 0 for 2 in this area so far this season.

Determined not to let the weather get me down, I receded to the Members Bar for some dry-climate beer drinking when I noticed the fixture on the roof. I was quite fixated by the shape and the cool blue light it gave off.

No action pics here though. Just a blue light on the roof.


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