April 5th – Selfie: The Footy Dad


Sporting the new look in Footy Dad outerwear, here I am for the entire internet to see.

Registering my son for AusKick was fun in itself, but no one knows how a 3-and-a-most year-old will fare in a sporting social environment. Unfortunately however the experienced Footy Dad’s gamed the system, and sent their better-halves to the first training session, leaving me standing there in a fluoro vest, with 3 and 4 year olds glaring at me for inspiration.

Fast forward 4 weeks, 16 kids on a team list and about 250 club e-mails, and I am officially Manager, part-time coach and game-day umpire for the U5’s. And it was a ton of fun, there are less humorous ways to stay fit!

Pro tip: If it’s too glory to see what you’re doing, then postpone the selfie.

As for the selfie – I give it a 2/10. I’ll leave this pastime to the kids!


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