April 3rd – The Strand Arcade

The Strand Arcade

I’m not sure why I haven’t come here earlier considering I walk past so frequently.

The Strand Arcade was built in the 1880’s, and opened on April Fools Day 1892. The architect, John Spencer, received a standing ovation as he presented his concept. The design consisted of features which considered Australia’s climate, including tinting of the glass roof, and the upper floors projecting shade for the lower levels.

With the changing state of retail, The Strand Arcade has become haven for bridal stores, there are 11 of them in all, offering services such as dress design right through to bonbonniere.

A feature of the Strand Arcade is the ironwork on the balconies, and the period colours that have been preserved through the tiling and paintwork. The hydraulic lifts and staircases surrounding them also deserve a mention.

The Strand Arcade has an amazing history, transforming through the 120+ years of existence. Nothing more devastating however than the fire that ripped through the site in 1976, gutting the place. It took a year to rebuild and reopen, which was done with a fashion parade.

With so many behemoth shopping centres around, it’s nice to take a stroll through the Strand Arcade every so often.


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