April 1st – 282


I saw this sign recently when we were having a birthday lunch across the road at Mercato e Cucina. There are still a few old retail signs around my local shops, and 282 Victoria Rd Gladesville serves as a reminder of the past.

Under assault from 2 local councils, the Gladesville retail streetscape is set to change dramatically. And rapidly.

So what of 282?

The website “A Pinch of Health” tells us that bread preservative 282 (calcium propionate) isn’t itself unhealthy as a daily dose, but effects are cumulative. Interesting reading. As always, take internet advice with a pinch of common sense.

In AD 282 Emperor Probus went for a stroll to Sirmium (Serbia), but was killed by his own discontented troops along the way, bringing rise to Marcus Aurelius Carus to Emperor.

Almost ironically, this post was almost the 282nd-last post (missed it by a week). Almost.


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