March 31st – Dragonfly

I wish I had a macro

Another photo from the zoo, but not something you’ll see in any exhibit. I believe the above is a Common Blue Damselfly.

While watching the elephants, my daughter pointed out this iridescent blue dragon fly, which allowed me to take a couple of photo’s before heading on its merry way.

In truth a day spent sending e-mails about the upcoming footy season, coupled with some pretty average skies, meant that we didn’t get out today. So another insect finds its way into Dan’s Daily Photo, I guess highlighting that if you are prepared there are opportunities for a reasonable photo’s everywhere.

Again I ponder what it my new mate would look like through a macro lens. Moot point really, I wouldn’t have taken the macro to the zoo in any instance. I would love to spend time doing macro, but it’s not my main attraction to photography.

I’ve headed back to my regular source of useful information and learned that, among other things, a dragonfly remains in it’s larval form in water for up to 5 years. When it sees fit it will climb out onto a dry surface, break out of it’s larval form (naiad), and simply start breathing air. Pretty useful party trick – though not as clever as it’s water-borne propulsion method.


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