March 24th – It’s a Montage

Breaking from tradition slightly, I thought I would post a number of the panoramas taken at the footy, highlighting the storm that rolled across Sydney. It’s also a veiled attempt to alienate those Sydney Swans readers (though they probably only read half the content anyway).

Now … I don’t want Swans fans thinking I’m picking on them. If I was, I’d simply post this.

4:40pm: Anticipation and excitement. The Giants are about to launch their 2014 season against their cross-town rivals.


5:14pm: We could hear the thunder, and the lightning flashes were met with “ooh’s” and “ash’s” from the crowd opposite, who had a terrific view as the storm approached. The heavens opened, and following the Quarter-time siren the players ran for cover. The rain was coming down vertically. At this point our seats gave us cover.

The simultaneous lightning/thunder clap was moments later.


5:18pm: Another picture showing how day turned to night. Note the Irish dancing on the scoreboard, relocated to the players race!


5:34pm: The ground is prepared for play again following a 30+ minute delay to the game. Stories emerge that the ground was struck during the storm (a lightning diffuser later retrieved from the playing surface).


6:52pm: The sun is out, the game has recommenced, and most surprisingly, GWS are still in it!


7:14pm: Sunset. What remains of the clouds are lit up pink with the fading blue sky. And the GWS Giants are embarking on a historic victory.

History in the making

7:34pm: The final siren sounds with the ground under full control of the stadium lights. And the winner ….. Is ….. GWS Giants?!



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