March 17th – Willy Wagtail

Willy Wagtail

Not too long ago I would leave the camera in its place for weeks at a time. Now I don’t go anywhere without it.

Today we grabbed a bag, packed a footy, footy boots, snacks, drinks, hats, and stale bread for the ducks. Donned our bike helmets and made off for the park.

As much fun as the ducks were having, they weren’t obliging for the camera. This Willy Wagtail teased me a few times, finally allowing me to get close enough to snap this photo.

I was considering claiming a new species of Willy Wagtail, but the red-bottomness was caused by the bright-orange Otto bin about a foot beneath where he stood.

Riverglade Reserve, located at the end of Tarban Creek, is an off-leash dog park. It has huge open spaces with soccer fields, and is the centre of ongoing debate with council for the addition of playgrounds, shelters and toilets.

Well worth checking out for any dog owners out there.

On another note I’ve been tinkering with WordPress with a mock-up site on my laptop, specifically to take advantage of some of the great plug-ins available. However for me to share this with you, I’ll have to move to a new host.

I’ve registered the domain name…


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