March 13th – Gary


I tracked my usual path to the bus this afternoon and came across Gary, with his canvas sprawled across the QVB promenade. Not sure if Queen Victoria approved as this was all behind her back.

In this photo Gary is reproducing Peter Paul Reubens work “Tiger, Lion and Leopard Hunt” (1616), using pastels on canvas, and painted in with a dry brush. Gary has been working on this particular piece for 8 or 9 months.

He purchased a book for a few dollars and said he was drawn to this painting by the subjects and activity.

Four red buckets pin the corners of the artwork to the ground, and a yellow note politely asking any photographers for donations. He says most are obliging, but the smartphone generation tend to shoot and run.

Gary’s aim with any of his artworks is to raise enough money so he can fund his next project. He will also move around quite a lot, mainly because he says that if he’s in a location for too long, he becomes known and the donations subside.

And if the rain sets in? Gary ups camp and will relocate himself to Melbourne, or even Perth. He has literally dozens of pieces of work at home and in storage around the country, with the hope to display them in an exhibition one day.

If you see Gary, stop by and spare him a few coins. At $5 a throw, those pastel pencils don’t buy themselves.


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