March 11th – Tooth Fairy Cometh

Abandoned Tooth

Today we booked our 3rd appointment with the tooth fairy, one proud former owner blissfully asleep.

Like most common myths, the tooth fairy has fascinating and divergent origins, largely depending where in the world you were born.

A European tradition was to reward the 6th tooth presented to the parents, whereas the Nordic rewarded only the first tooth shed, and they wore children’s teeth on a necklace for good luck.

Of course England in the middle ages had their own theories, which basically meant scaring kids to burn their lost teeth, lest they spend the rest of their afterlife looking for them again.

As for one of the burning social issues, Visa Inc. conducted a survey in 2013 which indicated the going price for a tooth is $3.70. COD of course.

In modern day Australia I’m pretty sure a gold coin or two will suffice.


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