March 10th – Make a Wish

Make a Wish

For years I’ve known of Kissing Point for a couple of reasons, neither of them because I could pinpoint the location.

Same goes for the name “Kissing Point”. Where did that come from? Was it a location where panel vans descend upon in dim light? A faint air of AC/DC emanating from the vehicles?

I did however know of a new park to take my son, with a ferry wharf, play equipment, views of the Ryde Bridge, and the stately Rivendell Child Adolescent and Family Unit (part of Concord Hospital).

So for the uninitiated (and according to plaques in the area), a Kissing Point is a place where ships hulls make contact with the sand at the bottom of the river.

Initially referred to as the “Eastern Farms”, Kissing Point was the name given to the area in 1792 as the colony started to expand east. In 1840 the area was renamed to it’s present name of Ryde.

Other features in Kissing Point Park include the first in a series of 60 trees planted in a row from this park to Meadowbank Park, to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

We were just after a play in the sun, we didn’t expect the history lesson.


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