March 6th – Anzac Bridge

Anzac Silhouette

I went out for a stroll yesterday to a park I see from the bus on the way home. I think it’s Jubilee Park, at the end of Glebe Point Road.

Recently my trip across the Anzac Bridge coincides with sunset, and I’m often turned a bright orange colour as I admire the park I’d rather be in armed with my camera.

This photo was taken around midday, sadly the sun was directly above and a handful of degrees in front of us, silhouetting the bridge.

I was intent on 2 things – cloudless sky, and Anzac Bridge featuring. 0 from 2 I’m afraid.

But by enhancing the colour in the sky (and subsequently the water), and darkening the structures of the Anzac and Harbour bridges, a whole new look came over the photo.

The sole cloud cameo also gives the structure some depth. So with the benefit of hindsight, I’m 3 from 3.

Apologies go to the young lady who was (what she thought) well enough hidden – in a public park in broad daylight – for being that bearded guy stomping around her sun-baking spot with a camera.


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