March 3rd – Room without a view

Old Window

I spotted this old window, a unit above one of the local shops, about a week ago. I’ve said before you look at things differently when you have a mind for photography.

I would have passed this window countless times in the last 10-12 years. The window setting has an antique charm that I found appealing. Not to mention that the photographer and objects in a state of decay go together like scones and jam (… and cream, you can’t forget the cream).

This reminds me of a photographer I met at work one day – Marguerite Foxon. Marguerite showed me some of her work, which is largely abstract macro photography of decaying and dilapidated objects – dumpsters, boat hulls, window frames and more, all shot macro from millimetres away.

It was a niche I never knew existed, but a quick Google search shows it’s quite popular for the unique patterns it serves up.


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