February 26th – ANZ Bring the Bling


The ANZ bank has welcomed the spirit of Mardi Gras by decorating 10 of their ATM’s with a brightly coloured facade. This bright idea is going by the theme “Cash Out and Proud”.

As principal sponsor of Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, ANZ have gone all out – no pun intended. This is the banks 8th year as the premier sponsor of the event.

According to the ANZ Cash Out and Proud website, money raised by attracting non ANZ customer withdrawals will be donated to the Twenty10 organisation, a not for profit supporting gay and lesbian people, their families, communities and more.

It’s not to everyones liking of course. The usual crowd have vented their displeasure, led by none other than Fred Nile (@Frednile) who got straight to work on Twitter to publicly confirm that the CDP doesn’t bank with ANZ.

[sarcasm]I’m glad we sorted that out[/sarcasm].

One thing is for certain – the ATM’s are a flashy conversation starter leading into Mardi Gras this weekend.


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