February 25th – The long road starts here

Footy Season

So it’s late February. Just the last puff of summer to run before we settle in for the winter. What better to do than start playing footy?

For some, the long road to premiership glory starts here. For the rest of us it’s another function (at times social) to ferry loved ones around town. I can now understand why families end up with 2 cars.

Kids arrive sporting allegiances to teams far and wide. It’s hard not to judge parents you’ve never met when you see a rival guernsey appearing on the back of a youngster who clearly has no say in the matter.

And while it’s easy to get carried away running around the park with a footy, it is still summer. Ask me again how much fun it is in mid-June, 7:30am in a park somewhere, motivating 3 and 4 year olds to take the field.

Yours truly,

Coach (TBC).


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